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Bronx Sidewalk Repairs

Received a violation? Need guidance on navigating the NYC DOT? We have you covered.


Our commitment is to you as the customer, we strive to provide you with a flawless, affordable, and pleasent contracting experience. Good business is repeated buisness and as such we want to be your "Go-To" contracting company. Our experts work diligently to make sure the job is constructed and maintained to the highest quality, utilizing over 15 years of experience to provide a comprehensive service that is tailored to your specifications.

We pride ourselves on our ability to plan, coordinate and execute large projects where there are Owners, Board Members, State Officials, Homeowners, Tenants and/or Employees. We understand the importance of everyone working together to have the project run smoothly from start to finish. We especially understand the concerns of the Owners and Tenants as we want to avoid any inconvenience to their daily routine. Servicing The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island, NYC, and Westchester County, we are your best stop for a dedicated team of contractors. Get Your Free Quote Today! 347-644-8731

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Violations and Repairs

Thousands of property owners are receiving violations due to broken, hazderous, and defective sidewalks. We provide the client with not only the relief that the project will be done correct, but we also provide guidance in getting it reinspected and cleared. Don't wait for your sidewalk to be issued a violation or worse a cause of a lawsuit, let us repair it.

Public sidewalks are a big hassle to property owners as a result of liability. Thats why it is important that if your sidewalk is damaged, broken, or starting to crumble, you get it repaired quick and done right. Violations and or possible lawsuit are incredibly expensive and can be easily avoided by taking the steps to get it repaired. Get Your Free Quote Today! 347-644-8731